Taking away the hassle of adjusting your computer's volume.

Adjust your computers volume from your mobile device.


Available for Windows + Android

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Enabling hassle free gaming


Our software is completely free and contains no ads! Nobody wants to have ads cluttering up their screen, they're annoying and distracting. That's why we have none.


One of our targets is to keep latency at a minimum. Any changes you make will take effect immediately. Despite this, we still try to improve it further with each update.


Every great app needs a great design. We based our design on Google's Material Design. We are always working to improve our interface making it as intuitive as possible.

Your feedback matters

Any feedback is more than encouraged. We're trying to build an app for the community and so please email us with your ideas or suggestions.

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A little about FirstByte

FirstByte is run by a Student in Bath United Kingdom. He publishes his hobby projects under this name

Please email us at [email protected]

What our customers say

Fantastic App

I've been looking for something exactly like this for years now. Thanks for build this

Matt Gaynor

Android user

It just works

I didn't need to spend ages setting it up. I simply followed the in app tutorial and everything just magically worked

John Doe

Android user

The speed and design is excellent

It is very intuitive with the audio applications open in Windows. Congratulations

Evan s

Android user

Download server

You can either download from the windows store (windows 10) or download our installer (windows 7+)

.EXE Installer