A better way tocontrol your audio

We're taking away the hassle from mixing your computers audio. From your phone, you can fully control your computers volume mixer. No more needing to alt-tab out of your game.

Download the server

Built for the community

Everything you need when adjusting your computers volume

I initially built the app for myself but later released it for anyone to download. I hope you enjoy


Our App is completely free. You can support my work by buying me a coffee

No Ads

We know it's annoying to have ads floating around on your screen. So we don't run any!


One of our goals is keeping latency very low. Adjustments will work immediately


Every great app needs a great design. We based our design on Google's Material Design

Great Support

Although I do this in my spare time, I try my best to respond to all the feedback you provide

It's just great

Our App is just simply amazing. No sure what else I can say to justify this, I hope you enjoy it

To the Moon

A little about us

FirstByte is run by a Student in Bath United Kingdom. He publishes his hobby projects under this name

Checkout my website

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Is this available for IOS?
I'm afraid not. Right now we only have an android app. Currently I don't have any plans to create an IOS version of this app
Do I need the sever?
Yes, for the app to be able to communicate with your computer, you need to download the server. Currently it's available for windows
How often do you update the app?
Whenever I get a chance. It's hard to find spare time for projects like this but I hope to keep it updated
How can we support you?
You can buy me a coffee

Contact / Support

I work on this project in my spare-time so my apologies if I take a while to respond.

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