Taking away the hassle of adjusting your computer's volume.

Adjust your computers volume from your mobile device.

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Enabling hassle free gaming

Our App allows you to change the individual volume of each program running on your computer. This is particularly useful when in a game as tabbing out just to adjust your Discord or Skype volume can be very cumbersome.


Our software is completely free and contains no ads! Nobody wants to have ads cluttering up their screen, they're annoying and distracting. That's why we have none.


Every great app needs a great design. We based our design on Google's Material Design. We are always working to improve our interface making it as intuitive as possible.


One of our targets is to keep latency at a minimum. Any changes you make will take effect immediately. Despite this, we still try to improve it further with each update.


We aim to respond to any issues within 24 hours. We take each issue seriously and will assist you to solve it.

We use an open source project, NAudio, to power our Windows Server. "NAudio is an open source .NET audio library written by Mark Heath" - NAudio

Our software is still new with big changes still being made. To make our App better we try to work closely with our community, taking on and implementing any feedback.

If you have any ideas or requests for our software, don't hesitate to contact us at support@firstbyte.app. We would love to hear from you.


Firstbyte is owned and run by a full time student, Alfie Jones

Although I'm focusing on my studies, I try to respond to all feedback and enquires, you can reach me via support@firstbyte.uk


You can either download from the windows store (windows 10) or download our installer (windows 7+)

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